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South West London Mentorship Programme

South West London has been offering mentorship to GPs in their first five years post-qualification since 2021, and the scheme is now being extended to all GPs across South West London.   South West London locum GPs are eligible for mentoring too, so long as they  work at least three sessions in South West London per week. 

The mentoring scheme is an opportunity for experienced GPs to form connections with colleagues, to the benefit of both. It is intended to improve job satisfaction and retention in general practice for both mentees and mentors.   


"Great experience. Bespoke to my situation. Helped with my CV, my confidence and my approach to getting back to work in a practice I am now so happy with. Could not recommend it more." 

Interested in becoming a Mentor ?

“I found the SWL mentorship programme invaluable; having a senior mentor external to my practice meant I could discuss issues with a more objective and impartial perspective, whilst also learning from my mentor's experience.”

‘It was useful, and I appreciated the meetings and advice and support from my mentor at a time of change’

“I would encourage future potential mentees to join the program. I was able to talk through my concerns and be able to understand the situations much better from an experienced GP partner. It was great having their experience to talk through things.”

Interested in becoming a Mentee ?

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