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Freedom To Speak Up

We have launched a Freedom To Speak Up (FTSU) project across South-West London and would love to hear from primary care FTSU Guardians and others in a FTSU role or with an interest in this agenda.


We want everyone to work in environments that support their wellbeing and development, and we welcome your views and experience to help inform this important work.

Lorraine Turnell is working with Training Hubs across SWL to help develop the FTSU arrangements and Guardian support for primary care staff. Lorraine is a qualified solicitor and has been a partner in private practice as well as working in the public and third sectors. She is passionate about fostering inclusive working cultures that support individual and organisational learning and improvement.


Lorraine has extensive experience in the whistleblowing/speaking up arena, having provided advice and consultancy services to individuals, organisations, and systems, in the UK and internationally. After her time as Head of Legal Services at Protect, Lorraine joined the National Guardian’s Office where she helped develop and deliver its strategic objectives, policy, training and guidance for Freedom To Speak Up (FTSU) and Guardians across the wider system. 


Lorraine Turnell

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