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Elizabeth Thorpe

I have experience mentoring in practice, as a trainer, an appraiser, in communication skills exam preparation courses at the Deanery and previously as a Program Director. I am  currently a partner but have previously worked as both a salaried GP and as a locum. I am keen to support younger colleagues to find the right work life balance, to manage the workload pressures and to consider other wider opportunities within their general practice careers.

Mohan Sekeram

I qualified over 13 years ago and have enjoyed a varied career. I worked as a locum and salaried GP for 6 years before becoming a GP partner. I have developed a diverse portfolio which I am keen to share with my mentee. I hold a variety of roles including Programme Director for SPIN New to Practice Fellowships Southwest London and Clinical Lead for Personalised Care, Southwest London, GP Trainer as well as other roles. As Oprah says, ‘Passion is energy, feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you.’ As a mentor, I look forward to supporting you to achieve this. 

Tom Chan

I love my role as a GP trainer, especially the opportunity to mentor and counsel younger colleagues. I enjoy encouraging and helping them to thrive and achieve their personal and professional goals. I have experience in leadership in the NHS, having held posts as CCG Medical Director, and clinical lead roles in both commissioner and provider organisations. I have also navigated a successful return to practice, having taken a few years out to work in a non-medical career. I am keen to share my experience, hopefully to enthuse and advise colleagues in various stages of their career development.

Hana Patel

Working as a portfolio GP, I have a passion for mentoring and coaching and use this in my academic and regulatory roles. Having worked as a GP principal, salaried GP and a locum GP, I have experienced the responsibilities and challenges of each position. I enjoy clinical practice and work both in and out of hour settings. Having personal experience of working as a GP with caring responsibilities and fertility issues, I am sympathetic and aware of how a chronic condition can impact on career choices and progression. I look forward to working with you to help you explore and achieve your current goals.

Mentor Profiles 

Nick Merrifield 


I’ve always enjoyed the variety our profession affords - I am a GP partner, trainer, PCN Clinical Director and a GP Fed Director in Kingston and I’ve also had roles in child protection and cardiology. I have an interest in service development and new ways of working within primary care and also the wider Place and ICS. Being a GP can be the best job in the world but needs to work for you - I think mentoring can be a powerful tool in achieving your goals.

Caroline Scott

Having trained in the North East of England, I have worked in Australia and South Africa, before settling as a GP in London for the last 10 years. I am currently a Partner, PCN clinical director and a SWL ICS- Clinical Lead for Community and Ageing Well (Wandsworth). I am interested in supporting GPs to develop their careers and enjoy their profession. I am also interested in learning from her GP mentees.

Santina La Porta

I have been a trainer for over 14 years and enjoy this tremendously. I have loved watching my trainees growing in confidence and developing their skills. I  want to help encourage prospective mentees to become the best GPs they can be.

Ila Bommayya

After 15 years working as a GP, I want to share my experience and help newly qualified GP’s to develop in my local area. I have a particular interest in women’s health, geriatric medicine, EOL care and diabetes

Niro Amin 


I believe that coaching and mentoring are invaluable in offering practitioners a protected and safe space to reflect without judgement. I experienced C&M at various stages during my career and finds it is invaluable in supporting professional development.

Katherine Paterson

I enjoy teaching and training. I am a GP Trainer, appraiser and Training Programme Director and would value the opportunity to support newly qualified professionals transitioning from training.

Baljit Johal

I am passionate about learning, teaching, mentoring and development. I have been teaching undergraduate and postgraduates for over 25 years and mentoring I&R doctors and pharmacists for over 5 years.

Nick Grundy


I’m a GP trainer, Partner, Federation Chair, and a pensions campaigner, and would like to help support people through the more interesting parts of these roles. We’ve employed several clinical fellows through the Federation, and expanding these roles is of particular interest.

Ruth Clery

I strongly believe that, by providing mentorship, hopefully clinicians can be supported to thrive rather than just survive

Mandeep Singh Baveja

Reflecting on the challenges I remember experiencing at the start of my career, I would like to offer my support to others in the early-stage of their journey in primary care.

Previna Chana


I have been a GP Mentor within my own practice for many years. As a GP trainer for the last 10 years I feel this will be a natural extension of my current role. I hope to be able to support and help newly qualified GPs thrive after finishing their training.

Laura Quinton


I trained at UCL and am a GP since 1996. I have been a trainer and appraiser and am now a Clinical Director of Wandle PCN. I enjoy supporting others, teaching and learning. I am married to a consultant at St Georges and live and work in Wandsworth.

Luke Yahanpath

I have a passion for education and self-development. I would call myself an early career GP, completing training in 2014 in Kent. I have worked substantively at 3 surgeries in the Sutton area, as well as a short stint as a GP in New Zealand. I am a GP Trainer, undergraduate tutor and PLAB examiner. I have a medic wife and a young family. I  really enjoy supporting other doctors in their own development.


Amit Seyan

I am coming up to the end of my 5th year as a GP and so feel well placed to help mentor those who have just finished their training and are starting life as fully qualified GPs. I have become a GP partner and trainer in the last few years and enjoy the challenge of working with staff to support them and help them develop

Mehreen Tahir


I've enjoyed a diverse career and am eager to share my experiences as a salaried GP and passion for Women’s Health and healthcare leadership with my mentee. In addition to my current Deputy Medical Director role at NHS England, I've represented NHS England in Europe, collaborated with the GMC on virtual reality, and helped develop a work experience catalogue with HEE. Completing a Darzi fellowship prepared me to support my mentee's NHS journey. As Visiting Associate Professor at the Health Systems Innovation Lab, LSBU, I've gained leadership experience in primary care systems. My roles as Training Programme Director at St George's VTS and GP trainer are equally important. I aim to help mentees connect with the healthcare system, foster resilience, and safeguard well-being.

Derin Alatishe


My name is Derin, I am a Black British female GP based in South London. 

I have been qualified as a GP since 2017- I currently work as a Salaried GP, Locum GP, GP Appraiser and Medical Student OSCE examination work.  These roles mean I have relevant experience which can help those at an earlier stage of their careers. I am happy and excited to help support and encourage my Mentees. 

Working as a GP is tough, and can be isolating. 

Outside work, I watch a ridiculous amount of anime, enjoy reading, writing, playing netball and of course travelling. 

Sahar Jahanian


I qualified in 2017 and have been a full time Salaried GP since then, working in a variety of roles including clinical Triaging, respiratory lead and group consulting. Being a full time GP and a mum of two, I fully appreciate first hand, the difficulties we all face finding that work life balance in a life that “fits” you. My goal is to help you see the hope within yourself, giving you the opportunity to bring out the best of you. 

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