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The SWL SPIN New to Practice Fellowship scheme is aimed at newly qualified GPs and GPNs taking up permanent roles in South West London. 

Funded by NHSE & HEE, the scheme aims to support practice & PCN recruitment and retention by supporting the creation of new, innovative roles within a supportive employment package.

Fellows on our programmes have access to:

  • One funded session per week, over 2 years, to undertake specific CPD

  • Links to host organisations to complete CPD (second session optional) - see host portfolio opportunities link below

  • PG Certificate in Healthcare Practice (optional)

  • SPIN Fellowship Programme Director, for SWL

  • Monthly facilitated peer support & networking

  • Primary Care Induction

  • Access to a Mentor

Magical Deserts


SWL GP Mentor Scheme

The SWL GP Mentor Scheme offer mentor support to SWL GPs at any stage of their career including; GP fellows, locums transitioning into salaried roles, mid-career GPs and GPs moving into partnership positions.
Funded by NHSE, the scheme will be delivered by experienced GPs wishing to help develop and support GPs in the primary care workforce.

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