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Primary Care Anchor Networks

Who are we?

This video was commissioned by HEE London Primary Care School Team in response to the work around Primary Care Anchor Networks, Reskilling Communities as our Primary Purpose. Creating and sustaining a vibrant and healthy community through increasing the recruitment of local people into Primary and Community Care roles, widening access and offering more developmental, training and educational opportunities. Through a community asset based approach; focusing on promoting, developing, and utilising community resources in a range of ways and in line with principles of sustainable environments.

Primary Care Anchor Networks have been established to:

  • Work collaboratively with all stakeholders to align with the London NHS anchors programme objectives 

  • Improve inequity and increase opportunities for underrepresented groups

  • Support workforce and communities in recovery 

  • Engage with communities to develop and endorse an effective strategy, communications and recruitment plan 

  • Consider ways to contribute to reducing NHS environmental impact as well as purchasing from local partners 

NHS organisations are rooted with their communities. Through its size and scale, the NHS can positively contribute to local areas in many ways beyond providing health care.  

The NHS can make a difference to local people by: 

  • Working more closely with local partners 

  • Widening access to quality work 

  • Reducing its environmental impact 

  • Using building and spaces to support communities 

  • Purchasing more locally and for social benefit 

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