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QI Websites 

The Academy Of Fabulous NHS Stuff 

The Academy of Fabulous NHS Stuff believes that the NHS is full of clever, enthusiastic, passionate and keen people.  The Academy was set up to enable NHS staff to share ideas and share their learning following completion of a QI project and/or other initiative.  You can also use the hub to search for answers to a problem and/or learn from others. You can publish/share your project on the website too. Visit the academy webpages to search the search the full library of FabStuff shares and share your work. 

The Health Foundation 

An independent charity to improve health care for the UK.

Q Health 

A community of people interested in Quality Improvement.

The BMJ Quality Improvement Hub 

A series of papers on Quality Improvement from BMJ and the Health Foundation.

Healthcare Quality improvement partnership

Healthcare Quality improvement partnership (HQIP) offers training and support for quality improvement.

Improvement Hub 

Quality improvement tools, information and knowledge hub.

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